Ocean Family Adventure

Learning to Wakeboard With Kids in Manton Dam, Northern Territory

wakeboard boat with kids on water
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I wasn’t so sure that learning to wakeboard with kids was going to be possible, but we had such a great time earlier this week giving it a go! With an early start of 7.30 AM at the Darwin Ski Club, Jesse met the driver, and they loaded up the boat. I kept Aurora happy and moved our stuff and the car seat to the ute, and then we got on the road and made our way out to Manton Dam.

Manton Dam is just over near Berry Springs and Litchfield National Park. About an hour and a half south-west of Darwin, NT. We’re always adventuring out to new places around Darwin, and Manton Dam quickly became a favourite!

Watch The Video

I vlogged the whole day so look below for our “Learning to Wakeboard With Kids” video. 

I’ve barely been on boats before, let alone gone wakeboarding. It was so fun though, and I actually picked it up pretty quickly. Sadly, Jesse was too busy watching Aurora to get any footage of me, but as he says “it’s etched in his memory forever”… I did get a clip of him though!

Taking a Toddler on a Boat

Aurora was so calm on the boat. She was so interested in what was going on, she just lay there in her life jacket. This was definitely a relief for us! We pulled up to the ‘beach’ about halfway through the day and there was another family, their boat, and their friend with her kids. Our driver knew her, so she jumped on with us and we headed back out into the middle of the dam.

Aurora stayed with her and fell straight asleep for over an hour just sitting on her lap! This meant Jesse and I had a chance to go tubing which was so much fun. This is definitely the way to wakeboard with kids. If there’s another family, you guys can tag team watching the kids and it gives you some free time.

A storm came through and took up a decent chunk of our afternoon as we waited for it to pass. After, the mum took her kids on the tube, and then she had a go wakeboarding too.

Would I Wakeboard With Kids Again?

It was awesome to have a chance to get out on the water and learn to wakeboard with kids around and experiencing everything too! What a cool day. I’m so glad Jesse and I had this opportunity, and I look forward to next year and doing it more often. Plus, Aurora had a blast as well and she slept the whole way home!

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