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Swimming With Kids in Litchfield National Park

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Ever wondered where to take your kids swimming near Darwin? Litchfield National Park is the place you’re looking for! Perfect for a family day trip, or even a few nights stay. There’s an abundance of swimming spots for kids at Litchfield National Park for all ages and abilities!

In this video I go through our experience at Wangi Falls, Florence Falls and Buley Rockhole.

The BEST Swimming Spots for Kids Near Darwin? | Litchfield National Park

Family Roadtrip to Litchfield National Park

In preparation for your day out at Litchfield, I would recommend getting snacks, water and taking a toilet stop before you head out.

You’ll likely lose reception on the way but there will be small bits of signal throughout the park for both Telstra and Optus, though it’s quite patchy so I wouldn’t rely on it.

3 girls in Litchfield national park walking to Florence Falls

Litchfield does have some picnic tables, toilets, and other amenities at places throughout but you’ll want to ensure you have everything you need for now to keep the kids happy and make your day as fun as possible.

I recommend grabbing snacks from Woolies, Coles or the bakery at Palmerston or Coolalinga before you head into the national park. Make sure you also pack sunscreen and bug repellent for yourself and the kids too – the bugs, flies and sun are a little ruthless out there.

Once you’re in the park, the road takes you in a big loop so it’s easy to stop at many places in the one day. Whether it’s wet season or dry season, there are a bunch of places to take the kids swimming and they’ll love it!

Wangi Falls With Kids

Probably my favourite spot for kids. Wangi Falls has a great big picnic area with toilets, and then a short walk along the pavement takes you down to a grass area and the falls. There’s a boardwalk around the swimming hole to a viewing platform of the falls.

Swimming at Wangi Falls

If you’re keen for a swim, there are cement stairs to walk in and once you’re in it’s not too deep. I’m 172cm (5”8) and I can comfortably stand for a good portion of the water. If you’re a confident swimmer, you can head all the way over to the falls themselves and get up close.

Wangi is perfect for little kids and even babies as long as you’re comfortable holding them away from the edge. It’s not too deep, there’s no real water current, and there’s some great amenities that’ll make it easy for you to spend the whole day there.

Hiking Florence Falls

Florence Falls is a beautiful couple of falls. There’s a lookout about 100m from the carpark and from there it’s a straight drop into the gorge. 135 steps later and 400m in distance and you’re right there in the thick of it.

mum and baby at Florence Falls

It honestly didn’t feel too long at all, and once you’re there, you’re surrounded by lush jungle, you feel like you’re so far from the city, it’s such a nice getaway!

Swimming at Florence Falls

There is a nice set of plastic stairs that are perfect for kids learning to swim. It is a little deeper here and with many rocks, the ground can be a little uneven.

I mostly stayed at the edge with Aurora as she is only currently 14-months-old, but if you have kids that can keep themselves above water or hold onto you, things would be okay.

My Recommendation for Swimming With Kids at Florence Falls

You can also swim over to the falls here, and I saw many people climbing the rocks and jumping in on the deep end of the swimming hole. When walking back up to the carpark, you can take the scenic route which is just over 1km and (apparently) is beautiful!

Bluey Rockhole with Kids

Bluey Rockhole is a super beautiful cascade of upper and lower falls with a series of little plunge-style pools along the way. A short drive from Florence Falls, and a 500m walk down the track, Buley is a great stop for those wanting to see the action, or those with strong swimmers.

Buley Rockhole Waterfall

We have been here twice, in both wet season and dry season. In the wet, the current is quite strong in parts, as the water is flowing faster.

There is no gradual drop off like the others and so it is a great place if you have older kids who are confident at treading water, jumping in, and splashing about, but not so good for little kids or toddlers.

We loved it both times and I’m sure we’ll be going their again soon before wet season is over, hopefully for a hike this time!

Swimming With Kids at Litchfield National Park

baby toddler with sun hat at Litchfield national park
baby toddler with sun hat at Litchfield national park sun safe

Swimming spots for kids at Litchfield National Park are everywhere and there are even more than those I mentioned today, especially if you’re into your hikes.

Again, its a fantastic day trip and as long as you’re prepared, you and the kids will have the BEST time. If it’s anything like our trips, they’ll be so exhausted, they sleep the whole drive home!

If you end up going to Litchfield, tag me on Instagram. And if you want to see how our Litchfield trips panned out, you can check out my Litchfield playlist here.

In the meantime, if there’s anything else you want me to make a blog about, contact me.