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Malak Marketplace Organic Farmers Market Darwin: The Ultimate Guide

Malak Marketplace Organic Farmers Market
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The Malak Marketplace Organic Farmers Market runs on a Saturday evening from 4 PM – 9 PM. It will run from 6th June until 31st October this year. It is Darwin’s first local and organic market and has been running since 2016.

Eco Tourism Australia destination

A perfect spot for families, and anyone interested in keeping their environmental impact low as they are a certified Eco Tourism Australia destination.

How to travel with kids at Malak Marketplace
Aurora and I at the end of a successful Malak Marketplace outing!

Due to the high eco-tourism standards, many stall holders handle food with environmentally friendly alternatives. Simple things like using paper plates instead of plastic, and biodegradable cutlery, bags and more.

For those selling goods other than food, there are other sustainable operations underway as well. More information in detail can be found on the Malak Marketplace site

Market food stalls

The food at Malak Markets is incredible. With the infamous mussel food truck, Korean chicken, Thai food, Portuguese tarts and more – these markets should not be missed.

The Mussel Pot

The best-sellers are the chowder, and the steamed chilli and coconut cream mussel dishes. The chowder is $15 and the mussels are all roughly $20 per dish. Both are great to feed two if you’re here for a few courses, or just one if it’s all you are looking for!

The Mussel Pot Malak Marketplace
The menu at the front (before things started selling out!)

On the side, there’s a video explaining how fresh these mussels really are and what goes into getting them on your plate.

Petra’s Raw Cakes

If you’re vegan/dairy intolerant or wanting to try out some raw cakes, Petra’s is the place for you. With delicious Açai and other fruit smoothie combos, Petra boasts a great selection of raw cakes.

Petra's Raw Cakes and The Naughty Corner at Malak Marketplace
The Naughty Corner – Next to Petra’s Raw Cakes!

The Naughty Corner

On the right-hand side of Petra’s is The Naughty Corner. For only $6 (or 3 for $15 if you really love them), you can get the best vanilla slice you’ve ever tasted – seriously. They also have carrot cake, brownies, and rocky road if that’s more your style!

Other Food Options

Among these two top facourites of mine, there is a handful of other cuisines;

Malak Marketplace products

Following on from some of the amazing food is the few craft and goods stalls sprinkled throughout.

There is a large stall by Your Natural Hairstylist, with all sorts of hair accessories as well as essential oils, and other products.

There are bamboo utensil kits available for purchase, beeswax wraps through Little Miss V, and other plastic free alternatives.

Among these, there are also a few clothing stalls showcasing spectacular patterns and beautiful flowing dresses, perfect for this Darwin weather.

When to go

Malak Marketplace is most busy around 6 PM and will be a lot quieter for those without kids once it’s dark. There are often presentations from local musicians, dancers and performers before 7 PM that are worth seeing as well.

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, I’d recommend heading down after 7.30 PM. The only caveat, however, is that the food will begin to sell out!

Needing more information

If you’re looking to find out more information, you can check out the official Malak Marketplace page. Otherwise, let’s connect for a more personal guide through the stalls and the experience!