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Darwin During COVID-19 – Self-Isolation in Australia

Darwin during coven-19
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Much like the rest of the world, we are sitting at home in isolation at the moment. After fleeing Northern Thailand last minute and rushing back to Australia, we got stuck in Singapore. I’m here to share our Darwin during COVID-19 experience.

Getting to Darwin

Singapore airport was meant to be a lazy 6-hour layover. It quickly turned into a rather dramatic 30 hours. These changes were due to changing policies for foreigners in Australia, and eventually, we finally made it into Darwin, NT.

Darwin australia beach

Our current situation

We had to undergo a two-week self-quarantine and since then, have been able to enjoy parts of Darwin as the ‘new normal’ restrictions allow. I’m currently making a video of our experience self-isolating for our YouTube channel.

Now we are in the clear and are allowed out of the house/yard. We’ve been to the grocery store a few times, as well as enjoyed a sunset on the beach, and a few drives through the otherwise deserted city. 

Darwin is a place I’ve only ever visited for work and Jesse had never been here. It’s been really nice to be in a new part of the world because we still feel like we’re travelling. My parents moved here a little over 6 months ago and we are camping out in their downstairs area while we see what our future travel options are.

Update on Coronavirus in Darwin, NT

Here in Darwin, the situation is looking pretty optimistic.

As of writing this today on Thursday, April 23, 2020, there hasn’t been a new case declared in 16 days. There have been less than 30 cases total since this all began.

empty grocery store from covid-19

Darwin during COVID-19 has been a rather interesting place. Isolation is going alright, and like many others, we are trying to use this time to be as productive as possible.

How we are staying productive

We want to use this down time to learn and better ourselves. We are learning many new things through lynda.com

It used LinkedIn Learning (a resource we are privileged to use through our Calgary Public Library membership over in Canada).

A tip for learning during the COVID-19 Isolation:

I would suggest checking out your local library (online) and seeing if they have any options to access free learning platforms like this.

work from home covid-19

There are also many other platforms with loads of freebies up for grabs at the moment. We’ve read countless blogs with lists and lists of free apps, software, learning programs and more, that are available right now.

Darwin during COVID-19 – our focus for now

We have also been taking the time to slow down and improve some of our lifestyle habits such as meditation, exercise, healthy eating and getting enough sleep (though we aren’t too successful lately with this).


While it’s easy to take this as a holiday and spend all your time on social media or binge-watching Netflix, it might be a good time to learn something new or build on skills you already have.

Obviously, there’s a flip side to this. The parents are home…this means the kids are home too. All-day. AND…. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’re all stuck inside if it’s cold still.

Take it easy on yourself, balance is key

It’s not always easy to maintain personal growth. This can become more challenging when you have kids at home to entertain too. I want to encourage you to aim for balance. Get yourself a daily ‘COVID-19 Schedule’, and set some realistic expectations of your downtime, and active time.

kid reading book indoors

A COVID-19 Schedule or a list of a few things to tick off each day might be all you need to keep going positively. We are very grateful to be here in Darwin and perhaps this ‘new normal’ will ease up a little soon. As long as people stay smart and healthy during this crucial time, I’m feeling hopeful.

I’m looking forward to exploring other parts of the Northern Territory and Darwin throughout the remainder of 2020. Hopefully, we can get back on the move a little more permanently in 2021!

baby in sink

I’ll have more updates coming in the following weeks as the situation changes. For now; wash your hands, stay home if you can, and try to stay positive.

My overall feeling is that Darwin during COVID-19, is one of the safest places to be right now. We are very lucky to have such a proactive government and population.

Follow me over on Instagram for more updates on @howtotravelwk or @jaxgoes for my personal account. If there are questions you have for me, let’s connect! It could be about life in Darwin, Bangkok or Canada. Or if you want to know about living on the road in general, let’s chat.