Ocean Family Adventure

Coronavirus: 14-days in isolation // Darwin, Australia

girl crossing off coronavirus countdown 14-days in isolation
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In March, we were living in Chiang Mai, Thailand as coronavirus took the world by storm. Told to “come home” from both the Canadian and the Australian government, we booked ourselves an outrageously expensive flight. A couple days later, we prepared to leave our Thailand life behind. THEN, we got stranded in the Singapore airport for 32 hours because of policy changes happening as we were flying. Eventually, we managed to make our way to Darwin, Australia where we were to spend the next 14-days in isolation.

Things weren’t so bad. The weather was nice, we had outdoor access, a pool, and my parents to cook for us. They fed us through the glass window to avoid having to isolate themselves.

Our 14-days in isolation went by pretty quickly looking back on it. Knowing that hotel quarantine in Darwin, Australia is currently sitting at the hefty price point of $2,500 AUD per person, it really doesn’t seem so bad.

Of course, we videoed the entire experience! Check out the video below to see how we passed the time during those 14-days in isolation.

We were some of the lucky ones and now we call Darwin home! Coronavirus is still affecting many across the world, and we feel really grateful to be in such a safe place right now.